Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Big Bust

I had one of those tricky days today. A tricky day is a day that starts off fine. Everything seems to be going well with no problems in sight. This is the trick. You think it's going to be a great day, and then all h-e- double hockey sticks breaks loose. First I got a phone call relaying some disappointing news about one of the girls. I won't divulge the information I received in order to protect the identity of the child(brat) in question. This information had me absolutely beside myself.

I really felt that I needed to go home and handle this situation. However, I had a final exam tonight in one of my classes. So I sent one of my sisters over to my house instead to handle the situation. The test ended up being harder than I expected. That was kind of a bummer.

As I was leaving the school, my foot turned some kind of funny way and everything I was carrying went flying. I hit the pavement and slid a little. I scraped up my knee pretty good, one of my elbows, and the skin on one of my hands. It has been years since I have had scraped knees. I bet I was about twelve the last time I fell down. Four people were witness to my humiliation. I am attaching a picture of the shoe that was the cause of all of this pain and suffering. I considered suing the school, but then realized the shoe was the cause of my little mishap. Ladies...if you own a pair of shoes like these, beware!!! They are dangerous. (That or I am just really clumsy and have absolutely NO business wearing shoes like these)
Since July I have cut both of my thumbs on two separate occasions, burned one of my thumbs trying to light a bottle rocket and now this. I am starting to see a pattern here. I may need to make sure my life insurance is up to date.

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HW said...

Sorry about the fall, shoes ARE pretty cute. Are you sure you want to give them up??

As for the disappointing behavior from one of your daughters, I've been there. It is very difficult to find the balance between discipline and mercy. You can look at my post from Jan 16, 2006 to view a little of our ordeal. Not that it is any earth shattering post, but maybe it will reassure you that you're not alone on this difficult road of parenting.