Monday, August 20, 2007

The Mediator

A blog is supposed to be a fun communication tool. You can tell stories, and keep up with the day-to-day activities of busy family members and friends. A blog is not a place where well meaning but sometimes overbearing family members voice their opinions. None of us is perfect. Everyone could use some improvement, myself included.

The only way we can overcome our past is to try harder to be more loving and supportive of our family members. Even the ones we think are not making all the right choices. The great thing about a family is that they love you NO MATTER WHAT you do.

We can’t allow the past to keep on winning. When there is strife and bickering and nit picking at each other, the past is winning. We have to break the cycle. When a family has struggled as hard as ours has to overcome the past, you have to make sure not to fall back into old habits and pitfalls. (Like being overbearing).

Sometimes relatives think they know what is best for us. Sometimes they are right, and sometimes they should just mind their own business. I, Susiewearthepants declare this day that I will work harder to mind my own business, and to live and let live.

So the point of all this is……. DAD BACK OFF!! I love you and don’t mean to offend but you are driving “D” nuts and I don't want to see you guys not speaking to each other.

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