Saturday, September 1, 2007

I Think I Am Going To Snap

When I set up my profile I made some ridiculous comment about the joys of my children. I have come to the conclusion that I was suffering from temporary insanity when I said this. Yes, I grudgingly admit there is some joy in raising children. But..............not........this..........week. One of my children has decided that it is her job in life to drive me absolutely bonkers. Apparently all the suffering I went through growing up is not enough for this child. I must be perpetually tormented for the rest of my life. A recent phone call with said child went something like this:

Me: Your sister couldn't get in the house today. Where were you?
Child: I was here
Me: Then why did your sister ring the doorbell a hundred times and you didn't answer?
Child: Whatever Mom

Whatever mom???? Hello, excuse me. I was sooo furious. If it were not illegal, I probably would have come home and put a beat down on the girl.

We must now pray:

Dear Lord,
Please keep me from going home and beating my kid within an inch of her life. Please keep me from going home and lecturing her until the end of time. Help me find a punishment that will make ME feel better, and keep me out of jail.


Then the child HANGS UP ON ME.
On me....her mother....the one who carried her for nine months...and the one who has raised her all these years mostly by myself....emotionally and financially. Maybe I am not the crazy one, maybe she is.

My children are good when everything around me is going well. At such times I am capable of handling anything they dish out. Unexpected projects, fund raisers, boy trouble. All that really fun stuff.

This week has not been all that great for me. There was the big fat F, then the big bust, a couple of issues at work, not to mention the untold story of yesterday(I really can't talk about that or I will be in big trouble)

Now while one child is smart mouthing me and breaking some house rules, the other one is busy NOT doing her homework. When I got home from school late last night, the DQ was still up working on homework. She also had not had a bath either. For two days. (Keep in mind this was also the night of the big bust, see previous blog)

The DQ has recently been grounded for not keeping her room clean. Did I mention that I found pizza crust in her room? On the floor? I am starting to feel like I am running a prison for girls. So one child just got ungrounded(This may not be a word but at this point I really don't care) and the other one is now grounded for three weeks. Two for breaking house rules, and I added an extra week for the smart mouthing and hanging up on me. All in a days work!

We were so happy last week. What happened?


HW said...

Parenting is SO....HARD.
I know it is even harder for you because you are in this alone.
I'm sorry you are going through this difficult time.
You didn't ask for adivce, but...
I have actually made my kids write essays as punishment before. I'm wondering if hanging up on mom is worthy of an essay on respect.
Now that I've butted in, I'll just say that I'm sure you're doing a great job and this difficult phase will pass.

Susiewearsthepants said...

LOL-thanks, no offense taken. I need all the help I can get!

Abztrakt said...

be firm, be understanding, be accurate :)

whatever/shut up

are signs of defeat and a lack of confidence/interllect, teach your children to be smart and ask questions.

you provide the answers.

if you cannot provide the answer, cause humans aren't specific. look to the holy book, unless it is flawed, find another holy book, and live by it.

I am a son, to a single mother, along with three sisters. It is hard, but nothing will come easy.

Take Care, Live and Let live.

Anthony said...

In case you didn't already know by now, I'm one of the aforementioned children's friends (it probably wouldn't take much effort to figure out which one, but I figure since you have the capacity to raise both children virtually alone, you won't have any trouble. =P ) So here goes (I realize this reply is probably a little past due, but I'll try anyhow. =P )

Life is a rollercoaster. You strap in, expecting the greatest time of your life, but sometimes you are disappointed. That's not to say that every time you ride a rollercoaster you'll be disappointed, because you won't. I think the lack of fun, happiness or excitement is a natural process in life. It's unfortunate that we must endure this "trauma," but nevertheless I believe it motivates us as humans to strive for a stronger and better future, and it's obvious here that's what you pursue. What sets you apart though, is your motherly ambition and your dedication to your family; I'm sure you don't sit around wallowing in your self-pity, as the old cliché goes.

Now, I won't sit here and blabber about your parenting, because I'm in no position to talk. I'm not balancing a full-time job with college and child-rearing. I'm 17 years old, a senior in high school, and I'm living it up like the lazy fool I am. I can say, though, that you're respectable enough in that you try your best. That's all you or anyone else can ever ask for.

You'll be happy once again. Setbacks are necessary for this to be the "best of all possible worlds." I'm sure having children is all-in-all a delightful experience. I wouldn't know at this point, but I hope to one day accomplish this fantastic feat you sardonically call "parenting," and at the same time, I wish to have a child as (believe it or not!) intelligent as your oldest. =P

Have a nice day! =]