Friday, September 28, 2007

Call Me Scrooge

I.Hate.Fundraisers. I do understand the purpose of school fundraisers, but they make me nuts. Like I don't have enough to do with raising two daughters, a full time job, college courses at night, a house, (which is neglected these days) yard, two cars(We brought Sissy's car home the other day) and three cats(I don't even like the cats). Not only do the schools send this crap/stuff home for me to sell, they offer PRIZES to the child who sells the most. Like I need that kind of pressure.

So now not only do I have to sell overpriced crap that nobody wants, I have to sell A LOT of it. If I don't, my child will have the shame of not getting the cool prizes. (Which usually is junk that the school paid about 50 cents for) A recent fundraiser brought home by The DQ, required her to sell 18 items to get to level two. Do you really think a nine year old kid is going to be able to sell 18 items on their own? No, I think not. That would be where I come in.

She was sooo stressed out about it. My kids know how much I hate fundraisers. I am just not one of those fundraiser moms. I am not a good salesman. While I consider myself a people person, I am not a public person. The masses tend to annoy me........a lot. I have in fact, completely rebelled against the fundraisers. I will write a check to support whatever it is that needs supporting. That is where I have to draw the line. I cannot bring myself to walk around my office, trying to convince my coworkers, that yes, they really do need a set of heart shaped cookie cutters that cost $20.


HW said...

Good for you for not selling at your office. I think it puts people on the spot.
My husband NEVER sold at the office for our kids during school fundraisers. Girl scout cookies were our exception, and then we made our daughter put on her uniform and make a brief visit to the office where she would say "I'm selling cookies. The order form will be in my daddy's office if you'd like any..." Then when they came in, we'd take her BACK to the office to hand them out and we made her write a quick thank you on each box. It was a lot of work, but people like girl scout cookies.
But school fundraisers? NO. We really didn't do fundraisers either. I might buy a couple items, but usually I send a check for a flat donation. And the prizes? I took my kids to the dollar store and let them pick out their own crap...I mean prize.

Anonymous said...

this is KC. I do applaud you for not giving in to the pressure of selling. I am outspoken on many things as you are so...How did I get roped into asking for walk money for sissy? sometimes I'm a softie..shh, keep that on the DL