Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Sucker

I am weak. Really, really, weak. After sitting home for a good part of the day, the children(brats) were bugging me to get out of the house. Sissy has been needing a new pillow for a while(years), so off we went to Kohl's. Sissy drove in the rain and did a great job! On a side note, my sister was at my house when we were discussing going shopping for a pillow. She thinks that I should not be taking Sissy anywhere since she is grounded.

I would like to point out that pillow shopping with your mother is not the ideal way to spend an afternoon when you are a teenager. Anyway, everything was fine until we walked in the door(at Kohl's). Once again my razor sharp vision came to my aid. My eyes zeroed in on the big sign that said CLEARANCE. That was it for me. I went in to buy a pillow and I came out with two pairs of capris, two shirts, and a skirt.

In my defense I got really good deals on everything.....except the freakin' pillow. As we were leaving I looked at my receipt. The pillow was 25 bucks. Some people may spend that much money on a pillow, but not me. I thought it was on sale for 10 bucks. I should have known when the label said Egyptian cotton. For that kind of money my daughter better be sleeping on the finest pillowy softness available to mankind. That pillow better last for a really long time.

It had taken quite an effort to get the girls out of the store in the first place. The DQ is a hard core shopper, and surprisingly loves to shop for clothes. She has since she was 5. Even at that age she loved getting clothes as gifts and shopping for clothes. She will look for sales and when I ask her how much something costs, she can give me the full retail price, the percentage off, and what the sale price is after the discount is taken. She is only nine. I think at nine I would have much rather had a new Barbie than a new outfit any day.

The capris were for me. I noticed the last time I bought clothes for me, that I had to buy a size larger than usual. I blew this off because I had gotten a brand that I don't normally buy. My friends, I was wrong. Somehow, some way I have actually put on a little weight. My personal friends that know me will know that this is not a tragedy. Until I was about 25 I was too underweight to give blood. So today I bought a brand that I have purchased in the past, and sure enough I once again had to buy a larger size. Go me!!!! I don't look like I am on appetite suppressing drugs anymore. (Is that politically correct?)

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