Monday, September 3, 2007

The Story Topper

Sometimes I believe that God will use people to teach us things about ourselves. I have recently experienced this for myself. I had someone in one of my classes that really grated on my nerves. He/she was the kind of person that no matter what you said, he/she had a story that would top yours. For example, if you said,"Boy I really felt bad last week, I was out of work with the flu". He/she would say something like,"Well that's nothing, I got sick and was in the hospital for a week". Every. Single. Time. I said something about Sissy starting high school this year and this person said, "Well that's nothing, try sending one off to college". I REALLY do not care for this person......

The last time I was in class with this person I mentioned that he/she seemed like they were in a bad mood. OK I am tired of the he/she thing. She told me she was upset because someone in her family had been convicted of a crime. I know this is wrong and twisted, but I really wanted to do a story topper on her. I really wanted to tell her, "Well that's nothing, my brother is facing numerous drug charges, he has ruined his life, he is hiding out from the po po, and he has been struggling with drugs for years".

The urge was so strong to do to her what she ALWAYS does to me. I resisted. I was the picture of Christian sisterhood. I simply told her that it was a shame and that I was really sorry to hear about that. Sometimes it's really hard to take the higher road. (Especially with this person. She is the same person who rudely demanded to know where I had been when I missed a couple of classes)

I probably have been a story topper at times. Not intentionally. But I am sure I have done this. Unfortunately, I never realized until it was in my face, driving me crazy. I am going to try extra hard not to do this to others. I will try to be a good listener and be empathetic towards what someone else is going through. Maybe offer some kind words and encouragement and NOT to turn the attention to myself. When I post comments to other blogs I will really TRY extra hard not to do this. If you get a comment from me that is a story topper, PLEASE call me out!


Kim said...

I had to run for my that...LOL

Susiewearsthepants said...

You have me beat, I have never had to run for my life yet! You should blog about your near death experience