Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mean Girls

Even though Sissy is grounded, I did allow her to attend a football game last night. She has never been a particularly social child, so I hate to deprive her of this type of social activity. The car ride home was about 45 minutes. Even though we live about a mile and half from the school, the traffic was horrible leaving the game. While we sat in traffic, not moving AT ALL, Sissy started telling about some problems she is having in school.

Apparently some kids with too much time on their hands have spread a rumor that she is a lesbian. They spread the same rumor when she was in middle school. I realize there is nothing I can do. I really don't even know what advice to give her. I have told her that she is pretty girl and things like this are bound to happen.

Sissy is very pretty. She is not arrogant or cocky or conceited. I don't even know if she really knows that she is pretty. She is the most down to earth, unassuming teenage girl that I have ever seen. I have taught her never to pick on kids based on their looks or the clothes they wear. I have taught her this because I remember what it's like to not have the right clothes and all that stuff. School was really miserable for me growing up because we were so poor. I was the kid that got teased.

Unfortunately my parenting handbook did not come with instructions on how to deal with this type of thing. I tell her someone is just jealous. I realize that this probably true, but I am afraid it just sounds lame to her. Do I tell her to ignore it? Should she confront the girl that started the rumor? Will it just cause more trouble if she does that? I don't know. If anyone has any advice for this type of thing I would really appreciate it. I don't want her high school experience to be miserable. There is nothing worse when you dread going to school every day. I don't want her have problems with her grades or self esteem issues. Much as I would love to go the school and put the smack down on these girls, I know that is not the right thing to do. It does surprise me that even at her age, the urge to protect is still overwhelming.......she is still my little girl.


nananana07 said...

She will always be your little girl, no matter how old she is. That is the way we feel about you and the girls. I too hope the rumor stops so she can have fun in high school.Tell her we love her. This hurts me to know they are saying this about my grand daughter. We know different andas you said that girl is only jealous of sissy. Love to all .... Nana

HW said...

I have been thinking about this for a few days and can't come up with anything to say.
It is horrible to watch your child be a victim.
This mean girl will probably move on to somebody else soon; although I know it is hard for Sissy to hang tough until she does.
Does Sissy have a good friend or group of friends at school?

Susiewearsthepants said...

She does have a group of friends. The girl that started the rumor is someone she doesn't know. She has never even spoken to the girl. I did tell that they would find something else to talk about soon. That may not be much comfort to her, but I really don't know what else to tell her.

MAT said...

If you know the name of the girl that started the rumor maybe you can ask her parents why there little girl would say such a thing.
Maybe her parents will put the smack down on her for you.

Sissy said...

MAT: That is a big NO, NO. In some situations yes but this one NO. That would only make it worse. It's too petty to even waste time on doing that any way.

Sissy said...

My best friend has been giving me advice on it that has really helped me. I'm the type of person I don't really care what you think about me. My mom doesn't seem to believe that. It didn't bother me really that she called me that just that she doesn't even know me. So my best friend told me that since I tend to be like to just let people think what they want. Ok so someone called me a Lesbian so what? If that's what people want to think about me let them. I know who I am and I know what I am. I can spend the rest of my days worrying about what someone says or just shrug it off. In my opinion I'm in high school and I have enough to worry about as it is so why should I add to my stress but being fretted over someone that childish. It's not worth my time, energy, or breath.

nananana07 said...

Sissy.... You are so mature in the way you look at things. I am so proud of you. In my book I could not ask for a better grand daughter Than I have in you. The same goes for DQ too. I love you both so very much. You are growing up so fast. I have seen you grow so much this past year. When I was in school and someone talked about me....I was like you. They were not worth my time. I always said that if they were talking about me then they were only giving someone else a rest. They just don't have a life and are so childish that they think it is cute. I never had time for people like that and I still don't. You just always hold your head high...and remember the only one that we need to please in our walk in this life is our LORD.
Love you bunches ...Nana

MAT said...

Sissy you have the right attitude a
person starts a rumor for two reasons 1 to upset you 2 to make themselves look cool. If it doesn't
upset you then they don't look cool.