Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Little of This A Little of That

It's the end of another semester for me(Thank you Lord). I did not do as well in my federal taxation class as I would have liked. I am not sure about my math class yet. I have to say, I will not miss Mr. Pompous-(The last class I had with him the professor kept calling him Mr. Chang, his name is actually Mr. Wang...this amused me). I will also bid a sad farewell to the "Answer Stealer/Story Topper". I know I probably should not name people this way, but I just can't seem to help myself. I have even done this with family members-Painter Girl, Holy Roller, The Baby, and The Thug. I digress.....

I get a whole month off. I am excited about being home every night to spend quality time with the girls(Make sure Sissy stays out of trouble). The DQ's schedule is already picking up. She had skate night tonight, tomorrow is a school dance and she is going home with one of her friends after the dance. Saturday, she has a birthday skate party to go to. This may not be unusual, I am not sure but for crying out loud the child is only nine. She has more going on in her life than I do in mine. Do all nine year old girls have so much going on? Or does she just take after her dad? I really don't know. Sissy was shy at that age so I am not sure what is "normal".

Sissy is going bonkers being grounded. No computer or cell phone for her. I did let her on long enough for her to write an essay on respect(not my idea, but it worked out great) I have to take the power cord to the computer to work with me everyday. I am dedicated to making sure she suffers. Hopefully if she suffers enough she won't repeat her mistakes.

The Fleecing of Mom has officially begun for another school year. As soon as I got home both kids were hitting me up for money. I swear I think I just need to come home and empty my money on the kitchen counter and just let them have it. They suck me dry like leeches. Here are some things I have already forked out money for: fundraisers, T-shirts, a sweater, lunch money(this is never ending), field trip money, school dance money. Not to mention the birthday parties that are lined up for the friends of The DQ. Not that I am one to complain mind you. I dearly love forking over my hard earned money for each and every one of their needs. In fact, it is probably my purpose in life, and therefore I should be rejoicing for the privilege of catering to these children........................

Maybe with time I can make myself believe it.

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