Friday, September 21, 2007

Questions and More Driving Fun

Just when I thought my daughter was finally getting the hang of this driving thing she proves me wrong. In the last couple of days, she has cut off a minimum of two cars, almost backed into a truck, and spilled a soda all over me. Yet she doesn't understand why I continue to correct her. This from the same child who was sucking the bubbles off her orange juice with a straw this morning. Thankfully, her car is almost ready. I wasn't going to let her drive the car until her birthday in December. I think I have changed my mind.

Reason #1. If she is going damage a vehicle, I would rather it be HER car that is paid for.
Reason #2. Because I know her car is paid for, maybe I can relax a little when we are driving.
Reason #3. My car is NOT paid for.
Reason #4. I think her car gets better gas mileage than mine.
Reason #5. Why should we put more wear and tear on my car? Let's put wear and tear on her vehicle, which IS PAID FOR.
Reason #6. If we hit someone in her older car, which is not as nice as mine, maybe we won't get sued.
Reason #7. Her car is paid for.

Sissy recently asked me a very explosive question. Once again, my parenting handbook failed me. She asked me if someone is gay are they going to hell? We are a Christian family and the Bible is very clear on this issue. I answered her question to the best of my abilities. One of the things I told her is that none of us here on Earth gets to decide who is going to hell. I won't elaborate on the rest of what I shared with her. I really don't care to discuss it in my blog. It just amazes me that just when I think I may have this parenting thing licked, some new challenge comes my way.

The DQ has asked me some very serious questions throughout the years. Once she asked me if I was going to die. I told her that I I would die someday. She began to cry. As I was trying to console her, she wailed, "But who will do my lllaaauuunnddddrryy?!!!!"

She asked me a few days ago why I bought rotten slimy, tomatoes at the store. I should have told her I bought them because they were on sale. Or that I prefer slimy, rotten tomatoes as opposed to fresh, juicy, ripe tomatoes.

She asked me at Christmas one year, "Why did Paulette and Kevin only buy me one present instead of a whole bunch?". She asked me this right in front of them. (They are friends of ours from NC.)

Maybe someday I will have all the answers, but I don't think so. I think the best thing to do is PRETEND like I have all the answers. After all, a mother's wisdom should never be questioned.


HW said...

"But who will do my laaaauuuunndry..?" It is so nice to know we are loved, valued and appreciated, isn't it...?

It's also good to let your daughter drive her car because she will need to be very familiar with it.

Sounds like you are doing a great job.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Yes, it's good to know that my excellent laundry doing skills will be missed when I croak.