Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Their Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha........

It was a day of silliness around my house today. The DQ made several interesting observations:
1. I should give her a banana split when she gets in trouble.
2. I should give her ten dollars every time she gets in trouble.
3. Why do they call it Wal-Green's when the walls are not green? A nice shade of lime green would look good.
4. I am torturing her. This is because I have already started Christmas shopping and she knows it. (I wish I would have gotten that kind of torture as a kid)

I observed Sissy talking so fast on the phone that I swear, her lips were on fire and smoke was coming out of her mouth.

I have been working on a project at work for the last several days. I sat hunched over my computer like Bob Crachet from that Christmas story about Mr. Scrooge. I find it ironic that it really is cold in my office. So, picture me sitting there, all cold with my sweater on, hunched over my computer.FOR.HOURS. I gave myself a crick in my shoulder which hurt for the rest of the day. My boss came over several times to ask how it was going. (He is not Mr. Scrooge, he just REALLY needs the data I have been gathering for him.)

I ended up working late which I hardly ever have to do. I didn't feel like going by the grocery store. I did stop and check the oil in my car, and checked my tire pressure(Ladies, all of us should know how to do this, even if you are not single. You never know when you are going to need these skills) The DQ suggested we have bacon, eggs, and toast for dinner. I agreed as this was about the last of the food that we have in the house. I am here to tell you that I prepared the PERFECT bacon. It was the exact crispness that we like it to be.

If you read my previous blog about the bacon that broke our teeth, then you realize what an accomplishment this was. Now.....on to the eggs. The last time they were EXTREMELY rubbery. Well this time they were under cooked. The whites were not as firm as they should have been. They were kind of squishy and watery. I tried to eat them, but I just couldn't bring myself to eat watery, squishy eggs. I will not give up on over easy eggs. I WILL get it right if it's the last thing I do.

We ate our dinner and then we had to go the Wal-Green's which does not have green walls. Sissy tried to highlight her hair and it didn't turn out so great. Little did I know that The DQ did not put on shoes before we left the house. When we get there, I give Sissy the last 8 bucks that I have on me. I told her that since The DQ did not wear shoes, that she would have to go in alone. A few minutes later she comes back out. Apparently 8 dollars is not sufficient funds to purchase Garnier hair color. It is 7.49 plus tax. I have two options. I can let The DQ go in with us and risk her getting some rare foot disease, or I can lock her in the car and run in and pay. Me being the incompetent mother that I am, I choose option number 2. The rare foot disease thing was more disconcerting to me. I ran in and paid with my check card. The DQ informed me that there was a 95% chance that she would not get a foot disease if I had let her go in the store. My response was, "Yes and there was a 5% chance that you would".

After we got home, Sissy insisted that we pray for her hair. Which we did. We stood in a circle and held hands. Sissy lead the prayer. It went a little something like this:

Dear God,
I know I have done some very bad things. Please forgive me. I don't want to have fugly hair. Please do not let me have fugly hair.

I informed her that I really don't think fugly is an appropriate word. However her desire to take EVERYTHING to the Lord was very impressive.

Lastly, my personal observation for the day. Ever since I took out some additional life insurance for the girls, I have been having chest pains. That is just the way my luck goes. Maybe if I cancel the policy the chest pains will stop.


HW said...


Please see a doctor about those chest pains; it could be many harmless things, but you need to take care of yourself.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Trust me on the fugly thing, you don't want to know. I know I should have the chest pains checked out but aren't that painful.

nananana07 said...

Het sweeetheart, You really need to see a doctor about the chest pains. Please see a doctor!!! I love you and I worry!!! I love your blog. It is so very cute. Tell the girls I love them!!