Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Da Rules

Ya know how something in your house gets to be a problem and you make "a rule"? The "rule" is devised to deal with whatever problem has arisen. For example, one of my rules is-No talking on the cell phone to non Verizon customers before 9 pm during the week. I also have a rule that says-No friends are allowed to call the house phone after 9 pm. These two rules I remember easily. The first one I remember because it has to do with money. The second one I remember because it has to do with my sanity.

I have several rules I have implemented that have, over time fallen by the wayside.

1. If you leave your stuff out, I will throw it away. (I find myself unable to throw out stuff that I have paid good money for.)

2. Bed time. (I am really struggling with this one because my schedule has been so crazy for the last three years. There have been many nights when I haven't been home at bedtime.)

3. No TV past 9pm. (This one I started because The DQ was not going to sleep. It's one of those that got flashed with the memory remover stick like the one from Men In Black)

4. No eating or drinking in the bedroom. (I have not had this one removed from my memory, however I did find Doritos in The DQ's room recently.)

I think there may be more of them, but I believe the memory remover stick (flashy thing) has been used on me. Sissy is pretty good about Da Rules, so I am sure The DQ is the culprit. Sissy has always had sort of an independent nature. She goes to bed on her own, and she gets up on her own. EVERY. SINGLE.DAY. I have only had to wake her up once in the last three years.

The DQ tends to be the rebel of the family. I think it's in her genes. You know, the ones she got from her father. I am looking forward taking the upper hand again with some of the aforementioned rules as my college experience is drawing to a close. I REALLY believe that bedtime is extremely important. Children need sleep. Luckily for my precious child, I will now be home EVERY night to ensure that she in bed at the proper time(Insert evil laugh here)

I also need to catalog some of the projects I would like to tackle once I am finished with school. If I don't make a note of them, I am afraid the flashy memory remover could be used on me. So this more for my benefit than anyone else's.

1. Go through clothes and take old clothes to Goodwill.

2. Clean ALL the drawers in the entire house i.e. computer desk, night stand, entertainment center, bathroom drawers.

3. Clean yard and pull weeds.

4. Redecorate a little.

5. Spend more time on my blog amusing the masses.

6. Organize all my pictures.

7. Get down cobwebs in rooms with vaulted ceilings.

8. Give house a thorough spring cleaning.

For entertainment only. This list is at the discretion of the author and may be deleted or edited at any time with no prior warning. This list in no way implies any written contract. It is merely a list of things that should be done. This list is not subject to change by outside parties. Only the original author retains any rights to "The List".


HW said...

Yeah, I have a lot of rules too.

I say as my sink and dishwasher are both full of dishes (the dishwasher with clean, thank goodness) that my son is supposed to do every day. And yet, I somehow let him sneak out the door before doing them. I let this happen A LOT lately. The same with my daughter's chores-I end up doing them most of the time now.


Susiewearsthepants said...

When I post about stuff like this, I am always afraid that I am the ONLY parent that struggles with some of these issues. I can't tell you how many times I have told The DQ that she can't go anywhere until her room is clean, and then given her permission to spend the night somewhere. This is mostly because I need a break.