Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mad Monday

Have you had a week that got off to an annoying start? Not really a bad start, just sort of a pain the butt neck. Yesterday started off with me over sleeping because I forgot to "spring forward" the alarm clock. I was tired because I was jacked up the night before on allergy medicine, and didn't sleep well. The DQ is complaining that she has nothing to wear because I didn't get any laundry done over the weekend.

Due to my recent fear of the car being stolen, I didn't warm the car-(carjackaphobia?) which resulted in me not being able to see as I was driving down the road. You know, because of that frosty stuff on the windshield. Plus The DQ and I froze to death.

Then in the afternoon, Sissy and I had a disagreement over her blowing her lunch money on other things. She says its quote "No big deal". Maybe it's not a big deal. To her. It was a big deal to me. I gave her that money....SO SHE COULD EAT. Of course....what was I thinking???? I will just go pick some more money off that tree in the backyard. I forgot all about it! It's really easy to be inconsiderate about money when you don't have a job.

Then I had to work late to help my boss make copies. Yes-I did say make copies. At first I thought it was just a few copies. I was in for a rude awakening. I was brought a stack of stuff to be copied. Normally, working late would not be a big deal. I did however, have class last night and a paper to turn in. A paper that I worked very hard at the last minute to complete. No one even I asked if I had somewhere else I was supposed to be. It was just assumed that I was available.

This morning started off with me over sleeping (AGAIN). The DQ whining that she needs a note to be excused from PE because her knee is sore. She fell down yesterday. I HAD to take the time to make my lunch before we left the house. I have taken a solemn oath that I will try to not spend so much money on eating out. The DQ can't find her house key. I just had that key made for her. It is her second replacement key. I need her house key to leave for my sister. Who MAY be painting my living room this week.

Because I overslept, I was running late. Does anyone know what the Goldren Rule for driving is when you are running late? Good.....I will share. The Golden Rule states that if you are running late, you will get behind every slow S.O.B. person on the freeway. You will then get stuck behind a couple of 18 wheelers, who move slowly. I am not going to rag on 18 wheelers. After all, they can't help that it takes an hour for them to get up to 30 MPH.

Anyway, none of it is REALLY a big deal, it's just.......you know, a pain in the the neck. Yep-cool, calm, and collected........that's me.


John said...

I hate Mondays period

HW said...

First, I HATE daylight savings time and the person who keeps extending oughta be strung up.

Second, on days when it's REALLY cold her - like 4 degrees, we sometimes leave our car running (even in a parking lot for quick trips) and lock it, taking the extra set of keys with us. Would that work for you? But it will probably be warming up soon down there, won't it?

Susiewearsthepants said...

Yep on both accounts. The high today is in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

Bit late for this comment, but... with the keyless entry and remote ignition, couldn't you start the car and keep it locked all at the same time? Just a thought! :)

Yo' Cuzzin Jen :)