Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Not One To Complain Part II

Everyone knows that I am not one to complain. I handle all life's difficulties with poise and dignity. I never go on and on about my problems. If you don't believe me just check out this blog. So I will not begin this blog talking about the phone call I got yesterday afternoon from my school. Mere hours after I surmised that my finances need serious work. Mere hours after I surmised that there is NO room in my budget to take on any extra bills right now. I will not complain about how the university informed me that my financial aid for the semester is only covering one of my classes. Which leaves me to figure out how I will pay for the remaining class. I will not complain about how I was informed that if I could not figure something out, they would be happy to set up payment arrangements.

That was pretty funny. Sort of. Nor will I complain about how two young men knocked on my door last night to try to sell me magazines. Of course they had no way of knowing that I had pulled my budget together and need a second job. Because if they had known that, they would have simply walked past my house pointing and snickering at the woman who can't afford magazines. Nope I had the pleasure of telling these young men that I had just that very day, worked on a budget and NO I don't care to sign up for a magazine subscription so they can go on a cruise. I am just not that generous.

For some reason, they think that if they tell you that if they get so many magazine subscriptions, they win a cruise. UUmmm, that's nice and everything but if I can't go on a cruise why in the world would I want to fund a cruise for two young punks kids who probably won't appreciate something as wonderful as a cruise anyway? They are too young to be tired, or burnt out. Why do they need to go on a cruise anyway?

I politely refused and even warned them to be careful walking around after dark. They could be hit by a car or something.

I will not complain about how the doctor's office called and told me I have an outstanding balance of about 200 bucks. Apparently the insurance company has not paid a couple of claims filed for Melissa. (Sissy to fellow bloggers and blog readers)

Apparently since I have been made aware of my true financial situation, everyone is coming out of the strangest places with demands for money. I just don't get it.

Nor will I complain that my furniture is still in the middle of the living room floor because my sister is not finished painting yet.

No sir, I will not complain. I will keep all these problems inside and deal with them gracefully, as I am known to do. No one will hear a word about any of this stuff from me. I will deal with it all silently and courageously. That's how I roll.

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