Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hell And All It's Fury Has Been Unleashed On Me

(Maybe the title is a little dramatic)I am in the fifth dimension of hell. Maybe the sixth, or seventh. I'm not sure. I THOUGHT I was going to be driving home last night in my new Toyota Rav4. Oh no. I was wrong. Once again. Everything happened really fast yesterday. CarMax called and the car that I had shipped from Mississippi had arrived. I had to pull everything together really quickly. I had to make arrangements to have my broken car towed to Nashville. From Murfreesboro. Which cost me 100 bucks. I paid 250 bucks to have the car transferred.

So. I did a Mapquest to get directions to CarMax. I called my friend to get the number of the towing company, then I called the towing company. I explained that I needed to have the car towed to Nashville blah blah blah. I asked him if he needed directions. He said, "Oh no, I have a GPS system". Great.

After work I head to Nashville. I get lost. I pass the street I am supposed to turn on. I turn around and go back the other way. Passing my street once again. I call for help. I turn back around again and find my street.

Now, I called the towing company around 4 pm. I arrive at CarMax at approximately 6 pm. My car is still not there. We can't begin the paperwork for the new car until my old car gets there. I sit. I wait. The salesman calls the towing company to see where my car is. The guy says, "I'm not sure where I'm at". Let's recap. I offered to give the guys directions, which he turned down because he has a GPS system. So much for your GPS buddy.

Now I go through all the usual crap that is involved in buying a car. Now because I have negative equity on my car, I must agree to give up my next child should I have one. Which translates into the bank is requiring all sorts of documentation. WHICH I WAS NOT TOLD BEFORE I ARRIVED. So I drove all the way to Nashville on a Friday night for basically nothing. I come home and begin gathering all the paperwork I need. I am short one document. The bank wants a cancelled check for my rent. Because I rent from a family friend, I usually pay cash.

I go online to see if I can find any checks I may have written for the rent. I find one from back in October which MAY be a rent check. I can't tell for sure because I can't actually see who the check was written to. I go to the bank and ask for a copy of the check. The teller tells me it will be 45 minutes. I go home and then go back to the bank. I get the copy of the check. Lo and behold, it's not the right check. I can't find any record within the last six months of me writing a check for the rent.

So. Maybe they will let me slide without it. Maybe not. That's not all. I haven't even seen the car yet. No test drive. No sitting in it. No walking around it. Nothing. The more I thought about it this morning, the more it ticked me off. I paid to have that car transferred. And I don't even get to see it? I think not.

I would like to go on the record as saying that the price of the vehicle is fair. The contract is very straight forward with no hidden fees or extra costs. I have not been jerked around. However, I will not sign a darn thing until I get to drive the darn car. I have been in touch with another salesman who I wanted to work with anyway. He is the father of one of The DQ's friends. He is going to do what he can to help. So as of 12:22 pm central standard time, no car yet.

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