Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm Really Bummed

As a woman with an accounting degree (well, almost) I decided to put together a working budget for my family. I had a master budget, it just didn't seem to be working. A working budget is one that will reflect actual money spent. My master budget was pretty much a rough guesstimate. What I found out is shocking. We are broke! We have nothing. I have spent 500 more dollars this month than was on the budget. 500 D-O-L-L-A-R-S!!!!!! At this rate I will never have enough to add money to my TV fund.

I can pinpoint exactly where the money was spent. The breakdown looks something like this:
Bills=50% of income
Children=50% of income
Susan=0% of income

OK, OK, that's not exactly right. But it's pretty darn close. After carefully reviewing my budget, unless we cut off all cable, internet, and cell phone services, and the children stop eating lunch and driving, I really need to get a part time job. Just to have some spending money. I mean, I make decent money, unfortunately it cost money to live. After I realized why I seemingly never have any extra cash, I got really bummed. Depressed even. I thought I was in much better shape than this.

So if anyone knows any way I can earn some extra bucks, preferably from home, let me know. If not, you just might see me around town. With a tin cup. Asking for lunch money. Or gas money.


Anonymous said...

Don't be bummed.Someone loves you and is very proud of you and,yes, still reads your blogs!~BW

HW said...

Have you looked at things you can cut out? When I first quit work to stay home with our baby, we cut out EVERYTHING. We cut cable. We stopped getting the newspaper. I started cutting my husband's hair. It was amazing the little things we found we could cut out that really added up.
How about doing tax work at H&R Block or something? That would be temporary; but maybe something temporary would be just enough to give you some cushion. Plus it's definitely in your field.