Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sissy, Snow Panic, and Car Paranoia

I have reached a new chapter in parenthood. Sissy is now driving herself to and from school. She brought one of her friends home with her today. When I got home, she wanted to know if she could spend the night at her friend's house. I had no problem with this. Her friend's mother is pretty strict so I felt comfortable for her to go. However, I did ask her to call me from her friend's house phone to check in. The reason being that if she calls me from her cell phone, she could be anywhere. NOT that I think she is up to mischief. I just feel it's necessary to implement boundaries from the start.

If she knows she is accountable for checking in, it will be harder for her get into to trouble. She couldn't for example, tell me she is at her friend's house but really be somewhere else. She wanted to go stay with another friend for the weekend. They were going to pick her up. I told her she could go IF the weather wasn't bad. The weather center is predicting a whopping 3-6 inches of snow here. She thinks I am being ridiculous. I explained to her that with new privileges, comes new responsibilities. Which means, checking in. At MY discretion. I am after all, The Enforcer. I have a reputation to maintain.

I don't want her traveling with some inexperienced driver in the snow. It could be dangerous. As I stated in a previous blog, we don't get enough snow here for ANYONE to really know how to maneuver in bad weather.

She later confessed to me that she is feeling moody. NO WAY! I never would have guessed. (Insert sarcasm here). We are still only experiencing rain right now. It's supposed to change over to snow later tonight. The high for tomorrow is 26 degrees. Here's the kicker. I am out of bread and milk. Really. So I will have to go out and purchase said items. Not because I am suffering from snow panic, but because everyone knows you can't be out of bread and milk with kids in the house. That's absurd. So I am off to join the masses of other citizens who are suffering from snow panic.

While I resist the whole snow panic, I find myself getting paranoid about the new SUV. (If you call it that) I am scared to warm it up in the mornings. I am afraid someone will steal it. Funny, I never worried about anyone stealing the Dodge. Maybe I secretly wanted them to. Anyway, I also decided that if the roads are even slightly hazardous, I don't want to drive the new car. What if I wrecked? Or someone hit me? I also don't want to take long trips in the new car. I don't want to put the extra miles on it. I even vacuumed it out already. After owning it less than a week. Sometimes I would go two months without vacuuming out the Dodge. (Shudder)

My sister went to the doctor today. Her blood pressure is high. The doctor says if her blood pressure is high next week, he wants to schedule her to be induced.

Sissy is still maintaining her 4.0 GPA. I am so proud of her. If she keeps it up, maybe she can get a full scholarship. Well I am off to stock up on bread milk. NOT BECAUSE I HAVE SNOW PANIC. I just need it.

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