Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let's Review, Shall We?

This week has really passed by in a blur.

Monday: Sister gives birth to baby with no epidural or pain meds.
Tuesday: Work all day and then visit sister at hospital after work.
Wednesday: Feel guilty about being away from home Monday and Tuesday, stay home, make dinner, finish my final exam for my online class, deny my daughter's request to go on a spring break trip by herself
Thursday: Work all day, visit sister and baby at home, leave children to fend for themselves, daughter gets followed by a maniac on the way to same sister's house.
Friday: Work most of day, start cleaning yard, sweep front porch, do dishes, clean bathroom, then do nothing else for rest of evening except talk on phone and watch TV.

I really need to revisit a couple of the above mentioned items. Let's see, we'll start with Wednesday. Melissa wanted to go on a trip to our home state, North Carolina to visit some friends. Even though it has been almost four years since we moved, she still talks to her friends from there ALL the time. Most days, tying up the phone line most of the evening. I denied her request based on the following reasons:

1. She is too young/inexperienced to make a trip like that by herself.
2. She barely had enough gas money to get down there. She had no extra emergency money.
3. There are too many crazy people unsavory characters in the world. What if she got a flat tire, pulled over to the side of the interstate where some seemingly friendly person stops to help her, then throws her in the trunk of their car and takes off with her?

Yes-I do realize that I am paranoid about kidnappers and murderers. Which plays into her being followed by someone on Thursday. She was on her way to my sister's house and some man was motioning for her to pull over. He followed her for a while and at one point stopped his car and got out. Of course she didn't stop or pull over(Thank God). It scared her really bad. But it did bring home my point that there are people in the world who are nuts. I told her, "See I told you there are crazy people in the world". "What would you do if something like that happened and you were far away from home?".

I also told her that if anything like that ever happened when she was on her way home that she should not stop at our house. If she did then, whoever was following her would know where she lives. She has not said anything else about taking a trip by herself. I know that when I tell her that there are people in the world who are not so nice, she thinks I am the crazy one. I think she believes me now. I think she also knows that me not allowing her to make a trip like this is not some twisted desire to see her miserable or to be mean to her. Obviously it's because I love her and I don't want anything to happen to her. I would rather her be angry with me for a while then to be dead. When I first told her she couldn't go she said I was being "ridiculous".

Now on to Friday. I spent the better part of the evening talking on the phone to one of my friends, and two of my sisters Alicia and Marlette. Have you ever given much thought to call waiting? Neither had I until I heard it said that call waiting is nothing but a popularity contest. So I am talking on the phone to my friend and her phone beeps for call waiting. She says that she doesn't recognize the number and can she call me back. I got kicked to the curb for someone she doesn't even know!!! My sister calls and does the same thing. She tells me she has a beep and can she call me back. If I was basing my self worth on call waiting, I would not be feeling very good about myself. So here's the basis for the popularity contest. You are on the phone with a friend or family member and they tell you that have another call coming in and they need to take it. Which really says, "Whoever is beeping in is more interesting than you so I am going to talk to them instead".

What if you are like me and want to talk to every person that calls? How do you choose? Your sister who has been a part of your life forever or your best friend who put up with you when you were going through a nasty divorce and listened to you whine and cry ALL the time? I don't need that kind of pressure. Maybe I should just do away with call waiting. Then no one feels left out or not important. Of course that won't stop people from calling my cell phone if the landline is busy. You just can't win I'm telling you.

To all my southern friends: I have a special request. I have a blog friend who recently visited Nashville. While in a restaurant, a server brought her a black napkin . When she asked what the black napkin was for, she was told it was because she was wearing black pants. If anyone knows what the purpose of this is, please let me know. For more details, please visit this blog. Any information would be appreciated.


HW said...

I think you are absolutely right in not letting your daughter take that long trip alone. Maybe when she's a couple years older and more experienced with driving.

That guy that tried to get her to pull over? How creepy. I wonder if you should teach her to vary her route to and from school for awhile. Is there a chance there was something wrong with her car that he wanted to point out? You might want to look the car over really well, just in case.

Ok, I'll just say it. I hate call waiting. I feel a little slighted when somebody puts me on hold to answer another call. Unless of course I'm talking to a place of business. Sometimes, it might be urgent but not usually.

Thanks for your help in the black napking mystery. I'm eager to see what kind of feedback I get.

Susiewearsthepants said...

We checked her blinkers, brake lights and tires and could find nothing out of order. I think the creepy dude was trying to hit on her.