Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Second Day of Vacation

What should one do on one's second day of vacation? Have your nephews come spend the night. What is more relaxing that entertaining a 6 and 8 year old boy after all? After returning from Nashville yesterday and taking Keri shopping, I went and picked up the boys. When I got home, I had a total of SIX children in my home. Only two belong to me. This actually worked to my advantage because they had each other for entertainment. They played hide and seek in the house. Then they played computer games. Eventually Keri and her friend left and I was down to four kids.

Of course Melissa is sixteen so it's not like I have to really entertain her. As it got later, the boys were content to watch TV in Keri's room. They fell asleep on their own when they were tired. They let me sleep in this morning until 9:30. It was heavenly. We watched a movie then the boys went out in the backyard to play.

I tackled Keri's room because it was shameful. For a girl, she is really messy. I can clean her room and she will trash it in ten minutes. When it was time for lunch the boys wanted salad. Which I let them make by themselves.

After lunch they went by outside to play. If you want to be a good aunt, you should be sure to give them red soda with their snack. This makes for great photo opportunities.

Stayed tuned for more exciting escapades of my fabulous vacation.

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HW said...

Funny, my daughter's room is a complete mess too. My son's room is much more organized. But, then, I'm sloppier than my husband, so I guess it's in their genes.

Your nephews are cute little guys.
Salad for lunch? Wow, that's great.