Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Serious Issues

As a regular blogger, I like to make sure I address the really serious issues. I have been known to blog about such issues as weather, traffic, school, car buying, house cleaning, all that really important stuff. Tonight I want to talk about food. Or the lack thereof.

We were late getting around to dinner tonight. The DQ played at her friend's house and then we had to run out and pick up a birthday present for one of her friends. I decided that we should just grab something quick while we were out. We waited in line forever at the Taco Hell Bell. We get home and The DQ starts complaining that her tacos barely have anything on them. She doesn't like lettuce so we always order them that way. I was thinking that it probably seemed like they didn't have a lot on them because of the no lettuce thing. Sissy tells her she shouldn't make a big deal about it. Until The DQ showed us the taco. It had a very small amount of meat and cheese and that was it. Not only did they leave off the lettuce, they didn't put any tomatoes or sour cream on them either.

I don't understand what is so hard about the words "no lettuce". Two little words. We didn't order anything else special. The ONLY special instructions were "no lettuce". Not, "Leave everything off the taco except for meat and cheese, and then only a small amount of that".

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a burger and my special instructions were, "no ketchup". I went through the drive thru on my lunch hour. I forgot to check the bag and when I got back to the office, the only thing on my burger was meat and pickles. No cheese, no onion, no nothing.

It's almost like my special instructions are so simple that they are mind boggling. I can picture alarm bells going off, employees running in every directions shouting, "She asked for no ketchup, what do we do now"? Then someone else yells out frantically, "I don't know, I don't know. I've never heard anything like that before".

Now I know that it's not a big deal. But it is annoying. Especially to a child who LOVES to eat. Food is like oxygen to this child. She eats a lot. All the time. Sissy is giving her a hard time telling her just to get over it and eat them. After she witnessed those pitiful excuse for tacos, Sissy offered her little sister her own taco. The DQ didn't want it because it had lettuce on it.

I watched my sixteen year old daughter set her own food down, and then proceed to pick ALL the lettuce off the taco for her little sister. How sweet is that I ask you?

Sissy is forever more saying that I need to be tougher on DQ. She says I am too soft on her. Yet I am not the one who picked.Every.Single.Shred of lettuce off that taco. Who's the soft one now I ask you?


HW said...

At our taco bell, a "Taco" doesn't come with tomatoes and sour cream. A "Taco Supreme" comes with tomato and sour cream (and lettuce). Yeah, I kinda know a lot about fast food places. Not to brag or anything....

Drive through windows are horrible everywhere. Our orders are never right, no matter where we go. We actually had somebody say to us, after we placed our order "Um...could you repeat that? Cause I, like, wasn't listening at all."

Susiewearsthepants said...

Yep that's what she ordered. You know, the combo that comes with three taco supremes and a drink.