Saturday, March 15, 2008

See My Living Room In It's Glory!

The painting in the living room is finished. There is only one small hallway left. My sister is such a great painter. She gave me a fabulous discount. Which I very much appreciate. She treated my walls just like they were the walls of her highest paying customer.

Here is a "before" picture.

I have to say that my energy level has been through the roof lately. Not only did I get my living room back in order, I did several loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, made dinner, washed dishes and cleaned out my entire refrigerator. There is a certain satisfaction in having a clean frig. Especially if it hasn't been cleaned out in a really long time. I mean a REALLY long time. I almost posted a picture of it but I thought that might be too much. I still have many projects that I am excited about. Only one more week until my whole week off from work. I have thought of several more projects to add to my list. I just don't have the energy right now to deal with it. All my energy for the day has been used up and I feel pretty good about it. Dejah, I don't know if are reading any of my blogs now, but if you happen to............ THANK YOU!!! Thank you soooooo very much. It looks beautiful.

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